Programs – interest based learning

Children learn best when they are interested and engaged. At Koala Cottage we structure learning in a way that is not only interesting for your child but also meaningful and relevant. And all that in a safe and caring environment.

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Our Early Years Learning Framework

At Koala Cottage Child Care we are guided by a national framework which is centring on the individual child and family. There are 5 learning outcomes we base our program on:


Every child has a strong sense of identity


Every child has a strong sense of wellbeing

Connect & Contribute

Every child feels a sense of belonging in the world and they learn how they can contribute.


All children are involved and confident learners


Children are effective communicators

We provide a holistic and well rounded experience for the beginning of your child’s early development by having the above outcomes incorporated into the learning framework.

Children develop differently, have different personalities, possess different strengths and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs. We strongly believe that it is important to provide assistance and guidance that allows the children at Koala Cottage to develop in their unique way.