About us

To nurture and develop the foundational skills of learning that are needed to be successful in the school environment. Koala Cottage fosters and facilitates early development of children through diverse learning opportunities to ensure children of all backgrounds and abilities are cared for equitably.

Cardiff Child Care Centre - comic kid's face

We aim to

  • Work alongside parents and caregivers for the benefit of the young person
  • Provide feedback and support to children, parents and caregivers
  • Instill quality learning outcomes through professional care and education
  • Provide a well rounded learning experience that develops the child as a whole
  • Provide a sense of belonging through a safe and secure learning environment
  • Employ high quality staff that are professionally trained
  • Have an equitable understanding of each child’s needs
  • Reinforce positive social behaviour
  • Listen to the needs of parents and caregivers and reflect that in the services provided
  • Encourage diversity of language, culture and backgrounds